Frequent questions

Agrolearning is a website with courses and educational tools that promote the development of skills to implement sustainability practices in all actors in the agricultural production chain.

Agrolearning courses and tools can be Vered at the time and place you prefer, in some you will find invitations to video conferences with experts, which will be scheduled on a specific date and time.

In this link you will find a video tutorial on how to access the courses.

After registering on Agrolearning, you can enroll in any course and then access the content, at your own pace.
What do you need to finish a course?

See all contents.
Develop all activities.
Pass all questionnaires.
Most Agrolearning courses have start and end dates, these will be indicated to you by the technical experts or course tutors.

To enroll in a course you must go to the Classroom section, then open the course information page, once there click enroll.

In the profile section, located in the main menu, you will see the courses you are enrolled in and the progress in each of them.

If you forget your access password, you can recover it by clicking on the “Lost your password?” option; Then you must enter the email you use to access Agrolearning.

We will send you an email to change your Coursera password. If you do not receive the message within 5 minutes, check your SPAM email folder.

It is recommended that after updating your password, you clear your cookie and cache history.

You can access Agrolearning from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Supported web browsers:

Google Chrome (recommended)

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Edge



To access Agrolearning, you need to have a stable web connection and at least 2 GB of memory/RAM on your computer.

Agrolearning courses have questionnaires that reinforce and test the knowledge seen in each course, these are automatically graded and in most courses they are the ones that allow you to pass them and obtain certificates.

In the description of each course you will find the approval policies and number of attempts for the questionnaires.

To obtain the certificate of completion and approval of the different Agrolearning courses you must:

  1. Have developed all sections and activities of the course.
  2. Have passed the final questionnaires, with the passing score indicated at the beginning of each course.

If you experience any navigation problems on the Agrolearning platform, it may be resolved by deleting your cache and cookie history.

Open the web browser, press ctrl-shift-delete at the same time, most browsers have options that allow you to clear your cache and cookie history.

After deleting the history, you must enter your login information to the platform again. If you forget your password you must reset it.